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About Italy Food Roots

Italy Food Roots is a website dedicated to promoting the women & culture of the Italian farm-to-table experience.

Italy Food Roots promotes the women, culture & stories behind Italian food. Our mission is dedicated to empowering women leadership in the agricultural sector and their growing role in feeding the world.

Over time people have become more and more distanced from where their food’s story starts to the point where the food on your table has become merely a final product and you merely a consumer. Our site aims at telling these stories through women, becoming advocates of the female voice in farming.

Through the story of mothers, daughters, wives and women,  you will learn exactly where your food comes from, so the consumer becomes part of the “story”.


What We Offer

Italy Food Roots scouts out farms, farm-to-table experiences, chefs, recipes and the people who run them to share them with you – our community!

If you have a woman farmer, chef or foodie you’d like us to feature on the site, send us an email at We’d love to feature them on our site.

  • Learn about the Italian foodies we love – the farmers, chefs & foodies behind your meal!
  • Explore Italian food with us as we take a closer look at the foods which have made Italian cuisine one of the most popular in the world!
  • Discover what’s new in food & food production so you can make more conscious choices about where you’re money is going and what you’re eating.

The experience doesn’t end on the Italy Food Roots’ site. We can help you organize  a personalized farm visit, excursion to a food festival, country tastings & lunch, food workshop and more.

If you’re interested in visiting a farm or would like more info, email us  @

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